19-year old George Toomey has to decide: the comfort and security of suburban Boston or New York and the bright lights of Broadway?

George opts for New York and, while preparing to act by going to drama school, a part time job brings him face to face with mob bosses Ben “Bugsy” Siegel and Charles “Lucky” Luciano.

They befriend George.  When they leave for Italy, to exact violence on the lives of none other than Hitler and Mussolini, they bring George along as a basically unaware accomplice, along with his first girlfriend Sophia. Little does George know that Sophia is no girlfriend; rather, she is a trained killer.

What began as a first step to Broadway stardom turns into a fight for his life, as George is hunted by the entire German and Italian armies and the feared SS troops.

Will George survive?  Escape?  And get back to find fame and fortune on the Broadway Stage?

The story is wound around survival, resistance, and resilience.  Because no acting school could have taught George how to emerge as a hero and save his own life.

Spoiler alert:

George Toomey does survive, is ready to live on, and is available for 2 or maybe 3 seasons.

The Actor?

Part Two - The Prequel?

How about . . .

The Second Season!