The Actor?

The book is a great beginning.
The feature/series will be even better.

The setting:
Broadway  >  Russia  >  Cape Cod  >  back again to Broadway

The era:
Cold War 1950’s

The hero:

Dashing Broadway heartthrob with just a little too much self-importance

The heroines:
Russian actress, followed by Norwegian nurse

The author:
A career Broadway insider with an incredible perspective

This book captures the glamour and tumult of Broadway musicals, then whisks the reader away to Russia, then to Cape Cod enroute back to Broadway.

The story buries the reader (and soon, the viewer!) in the spy-thriller excitement of the Cold War, then buries a couple of the characters too!  By the end, readers have had a genuine encounter with the meaning of resilience – as will future audience members.

And the book is just the beginning of a planned trilogy.