Lee Welling

The Actor?

A successful Broadway actor...

George Toomey is a successful Broadway actor. His life is one of celebrity, leading ladies, and dinners at Sardis. At home, in his 12-room penthouse with a view, he has a beautiful wife and two daughters.

is asked to spy for the CIA...

One day in 1959, everything changes for George. He is approached by the CIA to enter the U.S.S.R., during the Cold War, as an entertainer in a cultural exchange tour. The job is simple: handle messages and documents given to him and, of course, give a stellar performance that will make Russian audiences fall in love with him. Behind the Iron Curtain, however, the job gets more complicated than George or his handler could ever have anticipated, and lives, secrets, and countries are put on the line.

and he uncovers the secret that brings the world

to the brink of nuclear war.

What unfolds is a fast-paced thriller, filled with danger, mystery, and state secrets. Will the United States and the CIA back George up when the mission goes wrong? Will George escape from the KGB agents who have made it their sworn mission to kill him? The spy game is one that George isn't prepared for...will he learn how to play it in time to save his life?